Fàbrega Advocats in collaboration with the Jaume Batlle Bigas Foundation

Although FÀBREGA ABOGADOS has been collaborating with the “JAUME BATLLE BIGAS FOUNDATION” for years, a few months ago we have increased our joint work with the Foundation, a non-profit social entity, supervised by the GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA (Regional Government of Catalonia). The Foundation was established at the end of 2002 in the Poblenou district of Barcelona in memory of JAUME BATLLE BIGAS, who was also co-founder of the PERE RELATS FOUNDATION.

The social objective of the “JAUME BATLLE BIGAS FOUNDATION” is to protect legally incapacitated elderly people by ensuring their quality of life, while defending their rights and interests and accompanying them in the last part of their lives.

The “JAUME BATLLE BIGAS FOUNDATION” aims to provide comprehensive guardianship, care and protection for people, especially the elderly, who lack sufficient self-government to govern their person and property.

The “JAUME BATLLE BIGAS FOUNDATION” exercises guardianship in four areas: social, health, financial/asset and legal. As for the first two areas, social and health, this is carried out by a team of social workers, social educators, social integrators and guardianship assistants, who permanently take care of everything that the person under guardianship may need, both materially and in terms of intangible values, such as company, conversation, walks, excursions, etc. In the financial/asset field, FÀBREGA ABOGADOS collaborates by carrying out some tasks, such as managing assets or property maintenance. Finally, the JAUME BATLLE BIGAS FOUNDATION entrusts us with the legal service, both for the Foundation and for the wards, with the documentation that must be presented in court, such as the annual accounts of each ward, also punctually representing the ward, who may be involved in a court case for family or property matters, and taking care of the legal advice required by other situations that may arise.

The JAUME BATLLE BIGAS FOUNDATION relies on public funding to reach the essential minimum, but the Foundation’s Board of Trustees strives to go further with the help of companies, institutions and individuals. If you would like to collaborate, beyond financial contributions, which are always welcome, by volunteering to accompany the wards for a walk, to the cinema, on an excursion or any other leisure activity, you can do so by calling 93 900 94 96 or by e-mail to informacio@fundacio-jbatlle.org

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